The Journey Begins

WOW! have no idea what i am doing so will stagger on through in hopes that my brain will click with WordPress. I have wanted to start a site sharing information on numerous different issues, horticulture, animal husbandry, construction projects, etc. I officially retired May 25, 2017 from construction. It is refreshing to know that I can now build and remodel as I did before retiring without the hassle of collecting a pay check. I am going over and over with that thought in my head.

Horticulture: from veggies, fruit, nuts, cacti, orchids, roses. aquaponics, organic in ground, raised beds. cloning, propagation, to cut flowers.

Animal husbandry: rescued hybrid wolf shepherd, shepherd, cats domestic and feral. ornamental fish, turtles. etc.

Construction: retired from construction management and handson work. I am restoring a 3-story home built in Deming, NM in 1910. 3700 sq. ft. of living area, plus basement, and carriage house.

Now if I can find the photo I thought that I had posted we will be headed in the right direction. This is really exciting I can’t seem to be able to retrieve a personal photo from the computer. I have three choices to obtain a photo, none of which i want.